Washington Trucking Associations

Group Retrospective Rating Program

A time tested premium reduction program...

Retrospective rating is a legislatively authorized, optional financial incentive program offered by the Department of Labor & Industries. Through premium reduction and premium refund, members have reduced their L&I premiums by up to 45%. You can expect a multitude of services as a participant of the WTA's Retrospective Rating Program, in addition to premium refunds. Your company representative will work with our experienced staff on a range of issues such as workplace safety and training for preventative measures. 

Krystle Detwiler, WTA Group Retro Administrator, works directly with Group members on a daily basis to assist in reviewing and managing their L&I claims. She helps ensure that every injured worker receives proper treatment to help them rejoin the work force as soon as possible. She has over 5 years experience working as Administrator for the Group and many years on top of that working in the trucking industry. 


Claim Management

We can help with everything from writing light duty job offers to contacting clams managers and doctors. 

L&I Account and Injury Trend Analysis

Krystle will work together with you to find and fix patterns that might be hurting your workers and your bottom line.

Light Duty Benefits Built In!

Unlimited Access to one-of-a-kind light duty benefits and safety meeting videos. 

Plus Many More!

Stay at work reimbursements to the GRRP = $130,911.53

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For more information contact:
Krystle Detwiler
Group Retro Program Administrator 
Phone: (253) 275-0246
Toll Free: (800) 732-9019
Email: krystle@watrucking.org