Washington Trucking Associations

WTA Publications

The WTA has a variety of publications and newsletters available only to it's members that provides them with up-to-date information on a wide-range of topics, including upcoming events and meetings, legislative updates and other matters critical to your personal business needs, as well as the trucking industry.

WTA Weekly
The newletter for WTA members, highlights key Association and trucking industry issues. 
(Contact Sheri Call, Executive Vice President)

Retro Newsletter 
A quarterly newsletter distributed to members who belong to the Retro Program. 
(Contact Krystle Detwiler, Group Retrospective Administrator)

A Combined Membership Directory 
(Intermodal & Suppliers, LTC/DTC, Movers, WTA, Common & Private Carriers)

Publication Updates * If you are not a member and want to subscribe to the Northwest Transporter, contact Jim Tutton at the WTA office. For more Information on the WTA's publications & Newsletters, please contact the WTA Office: 2102 Carriage Drive SW, Bldg F Olympia, WA 98502 Tel: (253) 838-1650 or (800) 732-9019 Fax: (253) 617-1014