Washington Trucking Associations


What's in a Group?

The Washington Trucking Associations offer many programs, hosts multiple events, and tackles big issues. And for a selection of members… the WTA helps build, rebuild and maintain injury prevention and claim management programs that work.
The WTA's Group Retrospective Rating Program (Group Retro) brings together companies that are working towards a healthier, safer workforce. These companies understand that taking care of the worker, is taking care of the company.

As a Group, members have worked to reduce time loss claims, create and promote light duty positions, and received reimbursements from L&I to the tune of $130,911.53 through the Stay At Work Program. With included benefits such as: claim management, personalized member visits, light duty, and access to decades of L&I knowledge and experience… the additional benefit of being a WTA Group Retro member is obvious. Our first priority is assisting members who want to save money on their L&I premiums up front, and help members minimize claim costs and impact when a claim does happen.

Additional information is available upon request. Please contact Krystle!