Washington Trucking Associations


The Busy Moving Season is Underway

The month of May 2017 marks the beginning of the busiest moving season for folks in Washington. So it is a time to exercise caution. 
The vast majority of professional moving companies are reputable, honest, and dependable. Many are family-owned businesses who have made a long-term investment in their community, and their best source of new business is a satisfied customer.  However, it is also a time when unscrupulous and unlicensed operators are most likely to take advantage of consumers. In order to become informed on the importance of hiring a trustworthy mover, the Washington Movers Conference (WMC) advises all consumers do their homework in advance to not get scammed.  Check out the WMC website at www.wmcmovers.com for all the necessary information and tips for an easy household goods move.