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L&I Acronyms for Dummies (and Smarties)

Companies that manage their L&I claims often come across acronyms that often make it hard to understand what's going on in a claim. Even as the Group Retro Administrator, I've adopted the acronym way of life and am guilty of using them when communicating (in writing and verbally) with our members. So, I've compiled a list of acronyms in hopes that you, too, could learn to speak the L&I language. 
AP Attending Provider (doctor)
APF Activity Prescription Form (work restrictions)
AWA Ability to Work Assessment (vocational term)
CM Claim Manager
DOI Date of Injury
DX Diagnosis
FD Full Duty
HX History
IME Independent Medical Exam
INJX Injection
IW Injured Worker
JA Job Analysis (typically for full duty work)
JD Job Description (typically for light duty)
JOI Job of Injury
KOS Kept on Salary
LD Light Duty
LMS Labor Market Study (vocational term)
MH Mental Health
MT Massage therapy
OMD Office of the Medical Director
OMF Objective Medical Findings
ONC Occupational Nurse Consultant  (L&I staff)
OT Occupational therapy
PCE Physical Capacity Exam
PPD Permanent Partial Disability (settlement)
PPI Permanent Partial Impairment (rating)
PT Physical therapy
RTW Return to Work
SX Surgery
TL Time Loss
TX Treatment
VRC Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor