Washington Trucking Associations



There are many things that keep trucking companies rolling, and if you ask people what the most important thing is, you will likely get many different answers. Customers. Drivers. Freight.  However, there is one thing that can make or break a company. Safety. Without the safe transport of goods and healthy drivers, the only thing working is the parking brakes. 
There are a few individuals in our industry that make safety their life. They dedicate their careers and lives to preventing injuries, accidents, and claims of all kinds, because they care so much about their colleagues and companies. We call these individuals Safety Directors. These dedicated men and women work around the clock, train continually, and carry the weight of many on their shoulders. NATMI and the University of Central Florida, Center for Integrated Transportation Safety and Security certify these individuals through their training and certification courses.

At this time, we would like to recognize:
  • Jason Thompson, Hermann Brothers Logging & Construction, Inc.
  • Tracy Cook, National Foods
  • Dee Pelkey, tCamelot
These individuals recently obtained NATMI Safety Director Certifications! It is an honor to have you in our ranks and we thank you for your commitment to our great industry!