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ATHS Golden Achievement Award Awarded to Barry Swanson

The ATHS Golden Achievement Awards are given to people, companies, associations and museums that have made significant contributions to the trucking industry. This year Barry Swanson has been awarded with this honor. 
As a boy, Barry Swanson would wait by the highway for any truck driver who would stop and let him tag along. Usually, it was his father, Clyde, or Joel Dahlgren, another log truck driver. After graduating from high school in 1965, Barry drove log truck for several companies until he bought his first truck, a new diamond Reo, in May 1969. Today, Barry owns 25 log trucks as well as a parts and repair business. His trucks have hauled wood from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho as well as two seasons in Alaska. In 2007 Barry taught his grandson, Nick Worley, to drive log truck, and today the two men work together daily. 

Barry Swanson

Article and Photo taken from Jan./Feb. 2017 Issue of Wheels of Time Magazine.