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Preferred Workers - Working for You

L&I has revamped their preferred worker program. In the past, the current employer wasn't eligible for preferred worker benefits for their injured workers that were permanently restricted from their job of injury. â€‹Essentially, the current employer could offer permanent light duty or the injured worker could obtain preferred worker status and apply for work elsewhere.

L&I: Benefits of Medical Only Claims

For most employers, when a work-related injury is reported, instant dread sinks in. You can almost see your L&I premiums go up.

L&I Acronyms for Dummies (and Smarties)

Companies that manage their L&I claims often come across acronyms that often make it hard to understand what's going on in a claim. Even as the Group Retro Administrator, I've adopted the acronym way of life and am guilty of using them when communicating (in writing and verbally) with our members. So, I've compiled a list of acronyms in hopes that you, too, could learn to speak the L&I language. 

HIPAA and Your Injured Worker

You have an injury prevention plan in place, but now you also have an injured worker. What now? Being in an industry where our employees perform safety sensitive functions, are subject to federal regulations, and have physical demands, how can we stay up to date with their medical clearance to perform their job of injury?

Safety Programs and Injury Prevention

Good trucking companies strive to have a strong safety program. Safety is what keeps our companies in compliance with the FMCSRs. It's what makes sure our workforce is drug and alcohol free while performing safety sensitive functions. It's what ensures our drivers are fit for duty physically and legally. 

What's in a Group?

The Washington Trucking Associations offer many programs, hosts multiple events, and tackles big issues. And for a selection of members… the WTA helps build, rebuild and maintain injury prevention and claim management programs that work.