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In memoriam of WTA President Frank J. Riordan (1952 – 2018), Becker Trucking, Inc.



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  • Washington State plans distracted driving enforcement campaign

    • Date: 3/28/2018

    Washington State plans distracted driving enforcement campaign American Trucker, March 27 On the road, off the phone—that's the message from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) over 150 law enforcement agencies will be out in force looking for distracted drivers across the Evergreen state April 2-14 this year.

  • Identifying Injury Trends

    • Date: 3/9/2018

    Often times our Safety Departments can easily identify what kinds of accidents or cargo claims a company is experiencing, and find solutions to prevent them.

  • Are You Ready? ELD Enforcement starting April 1st

    • Date: 3/9/2018

    In the trucking industries view, the new ELD rule has leveled the playing field, ensuring that all carriers are playing by the same rules.  This doesn't allow one carrier to cut costs by “running hot”. 

  • Trucking: Transporting Life's Essentials

    • Date: 3/5/2018

    Most of us take for granted the importance of trucking in our everyday lives.  Trucks deliver all of life's essentials from the cups that hold your coffee to go, to everyday items that line the store shelves.

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